Content ID claims usually mean that we found content that someone else owns on your YouTube channel. It's up to the copyright owners to decide whether or not others can reuse their original material. Copyright owners often allow their content to be used in YouTube videos in exchange for having ads run on those videos.

Bytesized Talent finds and searches YouTube to find your content that others are pirating. We'll then collect the revenue on the content and pass it onto you.

During our content ingestion process, please let us know if you would like us to whitelist a channel or not use certain pieces of content. If you have a new piece of content that you do not wish to claim please reach out to your content manager and we will remove the claims.

Payments are sent out a month and 5 days after the month when your channel generated revenue. For example, if your channel made revenue in January, these earnings will be paid on March 5th. Payments are sent out a month and a 5 days after the month when your claimed content generated revenue

We make the process super simple and super easy. You keep creating the content you enjoy creating and we will continue to passively generate you revenue.